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"Life is about survival and it’s an endless battle"- Swastika Mukherjee

What brings you the greatest joy?
Nothing as of now. Too much misery all around, people have no end to their sufferings amidst lockdown and hundreds are homeless. Joy seems like a distant dream.

What is the best advice you’ve been given?
To love and respect myself because in the end I am the only one responsible for my own well being.

An absurd dream?
The world will come to an end. But I don’t think this is a dream anymore. It’s the biggest reality we all are facing.

How would someone get your special attention?
By being intelligent and humorous.

What haunts you the most?
The death of my parents.

One unforgettable moment?
When I held my child for the first time.

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you were younger?
Life is about survival and it’s an endless battle.

What is the best gift you’ve ever received?
My daughter did an internship along with her college which I guess was tedious & she saved up money to buy matching sarees for me and herself, so that we can wear them together.

Your lockdown daily routine?
Cleaning utensils, washing clothes, dusting, cooking (I must confess that I could never cook before this lockdown, like never. Putting oil in a pan was like going on a war wearing all kinds of protective gear available. Shei ami just phatiye ranna banna korchi, trying out all new recipes from google & my sister's cookbook. My sister is an Oscar level cook just like my mother. From going to the market for buying essentials to making round rotis, I am doing it all. Someone has rightly said that adversity is the best teacher. This is my daily routine though not in this particular order necessarily. I have not been able to read books as I have left my spectacles in Kolkata. It seems I would go blind by the time I get back. Also spending some time on social media for the promotion of my new web series 'PAATAL LOK' on Amazon Prime (releasing on 15th May). Apart from that one more reason to be active on social media is to be by the side of the needy whether it is by donating or by arranging the same. There are some organisations which are working day in and day out for the helpless animals on the streets such as stray dogs, cats etc. It is very important that we all support them in these tough times. I would request you all to come forward and help those who need it the most in this hour of crisis.

What will be your first priority task once this lockdown is over ?
Go back home, go back to Kolkata and sleep well for few days. Anxiety has robbed me of that pleasure. Eto dushchinta, kaaj kormer, jiboner, char pashe eto mrityu eto hahakar, eto ashohay manush, er modhhe ghum ure geche.

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