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Addatimes to launch new HINDI web series 'SIN'

Fantasy and Fatal SINs are about to thrill the City of Joy. Addatimes to launch a premium hindi web series 'SIN', directed by Arunava Khasnobis, starring Aryan D. Roy, Sweta Mishra and Lakshya Punjabi, among others. The six episode series, will begin streaming from 8th May, 2020.
The series has a dubbed version in Bengali as well. SIN is an investigation drama focusing on the world of carnal fantasies, drugs and deep criminal conspiracies.

The drama revolves around a mysterious death of a young girl in the hills triggers a suspicious investigation that reveals the alleys of a high profile organized crime in Kolkata, involving drugs, sex-trafficking and murders. While a reluctant police officer meanders through the maze of missing clues and a troubled past, a young couple gets entangled into a journey to explore their carnal fantasies. The exploration reveals a dark secret leaving both the couple and the police officer disoriented and at the brink of collapse.

"The uniqueness of the series lies in its story, the look, first grade acting and a tight script.
The main protagonist of the series, the Police Officer, is a contradictory character with unfamiliar and unique personal choices and an intense psyche. His female companion cum assistant in the form of an Escort is also something unexplored in any recent cinema or series. The young couple of the series are reflective of the psyche of the millennial generation, which the young generation will be able to relate with" Director Arunava said in a statement.

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