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"Go with the flow & just keep going"- Falaque Rashid Roy

What brings you the greatest joy?
My work ! I am a kind of a person who is goal driven, I must chase goals and have a process in order so that I can work well as planned .Working with honesty and passionately gives me most joy! 

What is the best advice you’ve been given?
‘Go with the flow & just keep going!’
 As long as I don't stop I always have a good chance on my side .

A memorable moment?
When I was in class 3 and it was my birthday & as a mandatory thing in our convent school (Loreto Dharamtala) the birthday girl would stand first in the assembly line in a colored birthday dress in front of the whole school and would come up on the stage and have to say how old she turns today and what does she want to become when she grows up? So I remembered saying “I want to be an actress” and there was pin drop silence , as back then things were a little conservative and wanting to be an actress or model was a very bold ambition to have. So, the applause came but a little late! 😊 However that didn’t make me change my answer even till date. 

An absurd dream?
Ah! Not absurd really but you can say spooky. Once I was enjoying my afternoon nap and then I had a dream watching my self sleeping & someone will be coming upstairs to my flat & there will be a doorbell ringing , and immediately in the next fraction of a sec there was a doorbell that woke me up! & really got me scared . 

Who is your inspiration?
My parents and now my entire family! My brother, my in-laws and utmost my Husband . They don’t only inspire me but take pride in what I do and love me without limits . They are as much a part of all my doings as much as I am myself . Its all their love and believe in me ! 

What haunts you the most?
ummm! Nothing really that way! Am a happy go lucky person. I take things as they come .One day at a time . 

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
That am born out of two religions and I follow both with equal love and respect . My father is a Muslim and my mother is a Hindu . My brother and I have never been forced to follow any of the religion over the other .We were taught the essence of both so that we can choose for ourselves what to do and what not to! I remember in our school diaries of a new session we had to fill up a religion section and that would be signed by guardian. I would end up writing just -Indian ! & when asked by my teacher I would tell her the same and she would smile and accept it! That's my story 😊.

What do you like doing in your spare time?
I am a movie buff and foodie so I grab my favorite food and sit to watch movies ,series etc !! I love cooking equally. 

Any regret?
No regrets as such! Just wish I had met Neil much before so could get more of him. Hahahaha just kidding ! 

How would someone get your special attention?
Well! I like people who are empathetic and humble . Some one who would not only think about himself/herself .‘I, me, myself’ concept is a put off for me! And I do observe these in a person very much in the way they talk or behave .

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