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Swades : “Aa Abb Laut Chalein …?"

Boy: Sab toh pa liya.. Abb hain kya kami … ?

Girl: Kya humein sach mooch pata hain humein kya chahiye..?

A decade and couple of years back, they embarked on the “vacation of life” to fulfil their desires and dreams leaving the small town of Kolkata behind! Little did they know that ironically life would turn a full circle and bring them back to that point where they started off They were literally at wit’s end when they were torn apart having to pick between two choices : the dilemma of what they have already to carry on OR to listen to the Beckoning of their roots? 

As they travelled cities, countries afar- they picked life’s invaluable experiences that taught them a lot, made them wee bit wiser than how they were when they started BUT, it was a proven fact now that they missed out on a lot as well! As they moved up the ladder of success so did they go far from near and dear ones: did the dilemma of spending this ‘Dual Life’ take its toll on them? Will they ever be able to make a choice?

Boy: Is it time, already?
Girl:  isn’t that a dilemma in itself?

Writer-Nisha Sen (From USA)


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