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Keep Calm because he is here to Rule

Today we are not here to tell you how old he will be turning today, 49 years obviously. 
 Today we won’t tell you about how famous he is or more about his crazy frenzy fan following; of course google can educate you more on that. 
Today we won’t be bragging about the Accolades, Box Office records, Awards and Recognition he has globally.

 Nor we are here to tell you about his Philanthropy, UNESCO has taken care of that already.

 Neither we are here to tell you about the huge number of fans from various countries standing outside Mannat to catch a glimpse of the SUPERSTAR before the clock struck past twelve.

Shah Rukh Khan is more than just a name whenever his name pops out. He is an inspiration not only to his die-hard fans but also to millions and billions of people across the globe. He is indeed a pride of our nation.  He has taken Bollywood to places where people hardly ever had a clue about Indian Cinema and today, especially on the internet we see people in groups or individuals taking pot shots at this man. Why? We probably figured it out.

Since he began his career there has never been a time where he had to look back, whatever he touched became gold is quoted by many authors already. He is the most successful movie actor in the globe who owns a cricket team in the Indian Premiere League, a mansion which even Hollywood celebs can dream about and is happily married to the love of his life with three beautiful children.

These days, people find pleasure in defaming him, mocking him or just plainly ignoring his stature and trying to bring him down. Whenever a SRK movie releases you see numerous people putting up status updates just to show off their intellectual side and having their few minutes of fame using the brand SRK.

When Shah Rukh Khan came out defending his daughter at an incident in the Wankhede, people bashed him for being arrogant. They couldn’t see a father inside him then, probably.

When Shah Rukh Khan got frisked at the US Airport, people went out claiming it as a publicity stunt Did they say that during when Mr APJ Abdul Kalam had to go through the same?

I hear fairy tales from people around me how other actors do shows on TV about improving the systems in the society and helping our country grow .Whereas SRK being selfish and doing other shows. Do they even know? That Shah Rukh Khan is the only Indian to be awarded by UNESCO for his Philanthropy? Probably they don’t know the difference between charity and publicity.

Even few so called intellectuals claim that he does movies for money these days and the movies aren’t informative. As far as we knew Bollywood was all about entertainment and I don’t remember SRK claiming his commercial movies to be like those of Quentin Tarantino or like his own mainstream classics, for educating ourselves we have other mediums, prefer a book maybe?

Don’t forget movies like Dil Se, Chak De India, Swades, My Name is Khan were given cult status by critics but didn’t do that well at the box office like a Om Shanti Om or a Chennai Express did, Why? Because you want entertainment too like other Bollywood lovers but these hypocrites would deny it just to show off your so called Intellectual side. 

Hypocrisy is one of the major reasons why our country still lags behind and will long to do so until we get rid of this jealousy and hatred for people who have struggled a lot to achieve this feat. If we keep fighting and spreading negativity amongst ourselves and insult our icons then how do we expect to people across the globe to respect our culture and our people?

 Yes he earns money, so do our Parents and we too slog for our happiness. Our parents are working hard at this age to keep us happy, not that they are bound to but because they believe in giving us what they feel we deserve. Why is it different when it comes to his case?

 Yes he is a bit arrogant, why not? He worked his ass off starting off as a Nobody. If you start asking better questions, he will start giving you better answers. He still is extremely humble which something we rarely get to see these days.

Happy Birthday to you Mr Shah Rukh Khan, you have nothing to prove to anybody. Names pitted against you keep changing every year and you remain constant, at the top shining like a Star you are.

Keep entertaining, educating and doing things the way you are best at. Don’t know about others but your fans and especially me being an Indian, am proud to be in your era and aura. 


Writer Sourav Roy